$5 Friday All Weekend at Vons with Just for U !

If you shop at Vons you probably already know that they have some great deals on Fridays that they call $5 Friday Deals.

One cool new feature that Vons added to the ir savings club is the Just for U savings. In order to get the Just for you savings, you need to first sign up for it at Vons.com. Even you you are already a Vons Club member (using your phone # or Vons club card) you STILL HAVE TO SIGN UP FOR JUST FOR U. Go HERE to sign up.


What is Just for you? It’s a way of tracking your purchases that you make each time you shop there. So when they know what you like to buy, they will give you additional savings off of the Vons Club Deals that are specific to the items you buy. For example, I buy alot of the 2 litre bottles of soda , specifically Dr Pepper. So recently, when I logged onto my Just for U, there was a special price for me that was

only .49 cents for each 2 litre bottle of Dr Pepper. So I bought 2 bottles for .98 cents! (I should have bought more) In the past I have receivedt free 1 dozen eggs, orange juice, free bags of cran raisins. All I had to do was click a button.

The other really cool thing about the Just for U is that there is a mobile app for it so you can download a free app onto your smart phone. Then if you are not at home and wnat to see what specail deals ar “Just for U” then you just open the app and click on the “add” button. When you go to checkout, the total goes WAY down.

They also offer the ability to click on the $5 deals button to get those $5 deals on SATURDAY and SUNDAY as well! However to get this deal, you must add the offer on Friday…

One more thing you should know is that on the button that says “specialized deals” these items CAN BE combined with a coupon, either paper or digital. So sign up today for Vons Just for U and start saving money!


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