Get $5 Off $35 at Kahoots Pet Store

 Get $5 Off $35 at Kahoots Pet Store

Do you have a pet? A favorite cat , dog, kitten or puppy? Then you will be going through lots of food, pet toys and cat litter. I know how expensive these can get and you want to be able to give your pet the best quality foods that are grain free. A lot of pet owners are realizing that when they switch to grain free foods their pets have less allergies. I have a black lab and she tends to get itchy when I feed her the grocery store brand. So I switched her to grain free Kahoots brand dry dog food and I mix in a little of the Kahoots canned food which is also grain free and higher quality that say Pedigree or one of the grocery store brands. I notice that she is no longer itchy.


You can print out this coupon and take it in to get $5 Off $35 at Kahoots, expires August 31, 2013.

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