Vons $5 Friday Extends All Weekend

As you know Vons has added a very cool feature to their club savings called Just For U.

What Just For U does is track what you buy and then offers you discounts on the items you tend to buy most. So even if you are already a Vons Club member, you still have to go their website and enroll in Just For U.

Every Friday Vons has $5 Fridays where they have select items priced at just $5. Normally these have to be purchased on Friday in order to get in on the deal but now, if you have just for u , then you can click on select items that are priced at the $5 special, add it to your card, so you can extend out the time to make that purchase.


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All you need to do to add this your card is click on coupons and you will see all of the $5 Friday deals show up. Simply click on the add button to add to your card. Then just make your purchase by the expiration date!

If you havent enrolled in the Just For U program yet, go here to enroll today.


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