Vons Gas Rewards Save at Chevron and Texaco

Vons has recently added new gas stations to the gas rewards program. You can save money now by buying groceries at Vons and get .20 cents off per gallon at Chevron and Texaco gas stations.

It’s easy to save money, heres what you do.  There are 3 ways to save and eran points.

 Vons gives you 1 point for every $1 dollar spent.

$1 spent on qualifying gift cards equals 2 points. (See Vons.com for details)

Every $1 spent on pharmacy items equals 1 point.

Every 100 points gets you a 10¢ per gallon Reward for a single fill-up at a Safeway gas station.
For Example:
100 Points = 10¢  per gallon Reward
200 Points = 20¢  per gallon Reward
500 Points = 50¢  per gallon Reward
1000 Points = $1 per gallon Reward
So yesterday I went to Chevron and at the pump it has instructions on what to do.The pump display will ask you if you want to use your Vons Gas Rewards and if so press yes. Then it will ask you to either swipe your card, or you can just enter in your Vons Club Number, which for many people is your phone #. Then it tells you how much of a discount you can get at that fillup. So instead of me paying $4.47 per gallon, I got .20 cents off each gallon so I only paid $4.27 per gallon. That really adds up when you need to buy gas as often as I do. See Vons.com for more info.
So make sure you get you Vons Gas Rewards and save money each time you gas up!
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